Whitney Casal’s Dance Performance Reel

Music by Ryan Davis


Reward of the City

Reward of the City is a site specific piece created during residency with Danzad Danzad Malditos (Carmen Larraz) in Pamplona, Spain. It was performed August 17, 2019.

Based in the physicality brought about by the people and environment of the city. Inspired also by the colors, customs and tenderness of the paintings by Marc Chagall, and the dream-like images of Remedios Varo. The piece weaves physical and emotional lines between the dancers and public, between bodies and affects, to give space to an energetically charged choreography.

Direction by Cruz Isael Mata. Performance by Lucia Burguette, Whitney Casal, Veronica Grasso, Diego Pazó, Martin López, and Paula Santos.


Impulstanz 2019

Whitney was invited as a guest by Marta Coronado to dance at the international dance festival in Vienna, Austria. Here you can see a phrase from Marta’s workshop, Tools for a Thinking Body.

ImPulsTanz Dance Festival, July 2019

Vienna, Austria

Dancers Whitney Casal, Alexandra Lockhart, Una Ludviksen


La Faktoria Choreographic Center

Excerpt from the culminating performance at La Faktoria Choreographic Center, Personal Project with Roberto Magro. June 30, 2019. Choreographed by Diego Pazó, performed by Whitney Casal and Diego Pazó

Over six months, dancers at La Faktoria Choreographic Center spent two weeks immersed in each of the practices of different artists. Here are compositions created by Marta Coronado: First, a group composition from the intensive two-week workshop in May 2019; Below, two extracts from Coronado’s piece El Silencio de la Flores, also partly using materials created in her workshop.

Dancers went on to present El Silencio de la Flores (Extractos) at Civican and at the Gala for la Escuela de Danza de Navarra at Auditorio Barañain.

Dancers: Lucia Burguette, Whitney Casal, Veronica Grasso, Diego Pazó, Polina Tiabut

Dancers: Wessel Boot, Whitney Casal, Alvaro Copado, Veronica Grasso, Javi Valls

Excerpts from a process using collage, improvisation, text, emotion & affect studies, and movement. Created during a two week workshop with Martin Nachbar at La Faktoria Choreographic Center, May 2019. Dancers/Creators Juste Buslavičiūtė, Whitney Casal, Veronica Grasso, Giselle Jardim, Polina Tiabut


Philadelphia, PA, USA

Below are several performances that Casal took part in during her professional freelance years in Philadelphia, 2015-2018.