Berlin Residency
to Oct 18

Berlin Residency

Dancers Whitney Casal and Britt Davis will collaborate in an investigative choreographic residency, generating material for a new duo creation. This will take place for three weeks in Berlin, Germany. New project information to be announced soon following.

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The Flower Event
7:00 PM19:00

The Flower Event

The Flower Event is an informal event in which we meet, dance, write and read!
Judith Sanchez Ruiz / JSR Company is inviting five performers each night to present a 5-minute spontaneous improvisation at Tête Gallery, with the aim that the audience participates by writing about these solo performances (and share it if they would like); Not as a review in any way, more as an experience.
Exploring short forms of writing while observing instant improvisation by a diverse group of female performers!

JSR Company is motivated to create a platform in which we all can feel uncategorized, transparent and artistic.
We are looking for people who are interested in spontaneous creative writing, poets, artists, thinkers to share this intimate moment about instant movement presentation. Participants that would like to expose and share their writing could do so at the moment after the performances, send via email, or post it directly to the event walls, as well as on the event page.
PLACE: Tête Gallery
DATE: November 1 + 2, 2019
TIME: 7 pm
Duration: 6 presentations of 5 minutes each, plus reading opportunities. 90 minutes.

JSR (Host)
Linda Berberich
Whitney Casal
Laura Beschi
Kailin Badal
Tiana Hemlock
Anna Rose
Berenike Sofie Melchior
Beatriz Silva
Elisa Osborne
Eva Georgitsopoulou

Limited audience capacity 30 people
Tickets: 5 EUR

Photo by Lucian Prieto

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A Scratch Showcase w/ guests: Britt Davis & Whitney Casal
8:00 PM20:00

A Scratch Showcase w/ guests: Britt Davis & Whitney Casal

Scratch Theater mixes imagination with wild emotion to sweep audiences off their feet. By mixing a wealth of genres, old and new, they create vulnerable characters that are full of honesty and complexity. Performances are one-of-a-kind and flowing with music. Founded in San Francisco in the 1990’s by veteran Robert Rodgers, Scratch Theater has found renewed life in Berlin as a group of improvisers that can both touch your heart and break it, always leaving you wanting more.

Our new series of shows in Kreuzberg! This time with special dance guests: Britt Davis and Whitney Casal. Then you'll see company players let loose in a rotating cast, and our advanced students hit the stage in full force to open it all up. All improvised, discovering the stories with you.

Join us as we explore the resilience of the human spirit. The world around us is at the brink of destruction and imminent danger has become the new normal. Yet each of us must deal with the struggles and dramas of private life.
Price: 5 EUR

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